Drinkic Android Trojan Virus: Be A Bank Account Holder Warning Drinkic Virus Can Empty Your Bank Account, Take This Caution


Release Date: | Sat, 29 Oct 2022 09:58 AM (IST)

Drinkic Android Trojan Virus. If you also use online banking services, be careful as the Drinik Android Trojan virus variant has been spotted recently, targeting account holders of more than 18 banks. Drinik Android Trojan steals personal data and banking credentials of bank users and then uses it to delete the account We tell you that since 2016 Dronic Android trojan virus is spreading in India and through this trojan virus the OTP messages coming to users’ mobiles are hacked. Now it has been reported that a banking trojan was also added to it in September 2021. After which the threat of this Dronic Android Trojan virus has increased.

27 banks including SBI as target

Drinkic Android Trojan virus targets 27 banking institutions including State Bank of India. The new variant of the Drinkic Android Trojan leads users to a phishing page after being hacked, from where they steal users’ personal information. Media reports also stated that the creators of Dronic Android Trojan virus have made it as a complete Android banking Trojan and hence Android mobile users need to be more careful.

Drinic Android Trojan virus causes users’ Android mobiles to get hacked. This malware asks users for permission to read, receive and send SMS. Also, it asks for permission to access call logs and external storage, which disables Google Play Protect as soon as the user gives permission. Media reports said that a fake dialog box opens on users’ screens, where users are also asked to get a refund of Rs 57,100. Clicking on the refund button opens a phishing page, which steals all personal details.

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