Diwali Shopping News 2022: From Sarojini Nagar Market to Sadar Bazar Shaheen Bagh and Tilak Nagar Market, Check Prices and Discount Offer Details


Dhanteras and Diwali are near. Diwali is also observed in Delhi-NCR markets. The market has remained pale for two years due to Covid-19, but this time it is full of glory. The markets have been decorated. Shops were decorated with colorful lights, decorative items, diyas, bandhanwars. Various proposals were also accepted to attract customers. Discounts are being provided more and more. Announcements are transferred from social networks to newspapers. Dealers in clothing, souvenirs, dishes, jewelry, shoes, and cosmetics gathered. The pace in the wholesale and retail market is amazing. What is the market for shopping on Diwali in Delhi-NKR, learn from people who returned after shopping.

Sarojini Nagar Market: Escape the Crowd on the Cheap

Recently, Saroj, who returned from shopping at the Sarojini Nagar Market, says she has not seen such diversity on Diwali. Winter clothes are sold here. Home decor items are a little more expensive. If the thread was available at 250 rupees, then the range of lamps starts from 250 rupees and goes up to two and a half to three thousand.

Good merchandise of footwear, clothing, decor items, haberdashery, jewellery, saris, export surpluses are available at Sarojini Nagar. It is for this reason that Sarojini Nagar has more young clients. Shops are open from 10:00 to 21:30. Shops are also open until 23:00 during the holiday season.

According to Kuldip Sahni, President of the Sarojini Market Store Owners Association, the market is seeing good movement since the coronavirus. After Diwali, Bhaya Duj, Chhat Puja, Guru Purab, wedding season, Christmas and New Year will come soon. There are about 500 shops in Sarojini Nagar namely Main Market, Babu Market, Mini Market and Vegetable Market. Clients from outside Delhi also come here.

Saroy advises that if you go to the Sarojini Nagar market, then get there before 11 am. By 2 pm there is nowhere to hold your feet. Entering and exiting the metro will also take half an hour. It is better not to take small children with you.

All in stock at wholesale price in Sadar Bazaar

On the occasion of Diwali, you will not find a better place than Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar for shopping and home decorating. Influx of customers from morning to evening. From retail to wholesale buyers also reach. All kinds of decorative items are available on the market, from large shops to walkways. Trading is also underway. The decor items included many varieties of jhalers, bandhanvars, stickers, candles, diyas, threads, lamps, rangoli, idols of Lakshmi-Ganesha. Sadar Bazaar is a wholesale market, so most of the goods are available in bulk. 5 stickers for 40 rupees, 20 rupees for a dozen candles, 200 rupees for 12 idols of Lakshmi Ganesh, 150 rupees for a dozen for a bandana, something similar is being sold. If you need to buy a lot of things at once, then you can go to the Sadar Bazaar.

How to get to the Sadar market?

The market is easy to get to. An e-rickshaw is available near New Delhi Railway Station which departs from Sadar Bazaar for Rs 10. Similarly, e-rickshaws are also available at Tis Hazari metro station. If you need to come by train, the local train stops at the Sadar Bazaar railway station.

be careful too

Customers also need to be a little careful in Sadar. Anti-social elements are also included in the crowd. They can cut pockets. Could steal a wallet or mobile. The local trade association files complaints with the Delhi Police from time to time. Sadar Bazaar Merchants Association Federation Chairman Paramjit Singh Pamma said many have also deployed their guards.

What offers are available on DMart

Good discounts are also available at Damania Group retail stores in Delhi-NCR. When we visited D-Mart in Noida Extension, there was a huge demand for Diwali gifts. Story is offering a huge 25% to 30% discount on chocolate, cookies, Namkin, packaged sweets. For some brands, free offers also come one after another. This segment sees the largest crowd in the store. Because of the festival weekend, people are also furiously shopping for replacements. Stores offer better discounts than wholesale markets like Lakshmi Nagar in Delhi.

Connaught Place invitation for clients

All Connaught Place store owners are very excited about Diwali. Inviting clients from Delhi and NCR through promotions. Go shopping at food and drink stores. Enjoy a walk along a long beautiful corridor. The fear of the Corona has completely disappeared. Traders placed the goods in different showrooms. The fresh collection has arrived in all clothing stores. Shops and showrooms are being decorated. On behalf of the market, traders were asked to provide maximum discounts to buyers. If traffic increases, the number of products sold will also increase. Traders will benefit from this. Now all store owners are confident that there will be no cases of corona. Pray for the same God. Before Diwali, the New Delhi Municipal Council lights up the entire Connaught Place. The lights are placed in the inner circle. This time the Diwali of the merchants will also go well.

Amit Gupta, Executive Member, New Delhi Traders Association

Tilak Nagar market is ready to receive customers

Shopkeepers at Tilak Nagar market have high hopes for Diwali. The world lives with expectations. This time, there are no special decorations in the market, but shopkeepers can make decorations at their level. Markets could not be decorated for 2 years of the Crown. Now the outbreak has subsided. Customers are returning to the market. There will be good business this Diwali. Merchants filled shops and stalls with goods. Tilak Nagar market in West Delhi is very important. There are many shops in Mall Road, New Market, Central Market, Main Market, Biyli Market, Mangal Bazaar Market, Metro Market and Old Market. Clients come from afar. The market is also easy to get to. Tilak Nagar metro station is on the blue line. DTC buses and cluster buses also run. All necessary items are available. A wide variety of clothes, shoes, artificial items, decor items, laces, lamps, candles are presented on the market.

Shaheen Bagh: This market is best for kurta pajamas

Although Shahin Bagh is a Muslim-majority area, the glory of Diwali can also be seen here. There are many local kurta pajama brands in the area where clothing is available at affordable prices. From shoes to cheap clothes you can buy on the sidewalk, you can see for every category. The pajama kurta, available on the street for Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000, will be available for less than Rs 1,000. Tea available in the market for 20 rupees is available here for 10 rupees.

Customers don’t even miss a selfie

The Kamla Nagar market has started decorating for Diwali. Decorated with colorful eye-catching lamps. Visitors come here with great enthusiasm. Shops are decorated with artificial and real flowers. The entrance gates of the shops are beautifully done. The big festival came after 2 years. There was such good lighting that the person who came here does not miss the opportunity to take a selfie. Jewelry had already been made in the market before Karwa Chauth. The market will be fully lit before Bhaiya Dooj. The market has increased on Mandalia Road, Maharaja Agrasen Marg, Bangla Road and Kolhapur Road. Due to its proximity to the North Campus of the University of Delhi, the Kamla Nagar market attracts young people. Sellers of souvenirs, dishes, sweets, snacks made special preparations. Traders also see favorable market conditions

Nitin Gupta, President of the Kamla Nagar Merchants Association

Female bouncers… there are security measures in the markets

Due to the rapidly growing number of customers in various markets in Delhi during the festival season, security has been stepped up. The number of people visiting the Sarojini Nagar market daily is around one lakh. Ashok Randhawa, President of the Sarojini Nagar Mini Market Association, said the market has also deployed additional SHOs from 3 police stations. Police forces are already deployed at the market and at 5 scaffoldings.

Female bouncers were deployed to Sadar Bazaar. She controls the crowd as she roams the market. Her focus is on women’s safety.

Diwali offers are also coming to whatsapp.

Diwali sweets are also on sale on whatsapp. Do not wonder! On this special occasion of Deepavali, there is a great demand for our state’s special sweets. Delivery of such sweets takes place in the WhatsApp group of some societies. The famous Bal Mithai is being delivered to the WhatsApp group at Eco Village 1 in Uttarakhand at Noida Extension.

Shopping malls, no less fans of online shopping

A large number of people turn to shopping centers for shopping in honor of the Diwali holiday. Whether it’s DMart, Reliance Trends, or Big Bazaar, there are many offerings in retail. Swapnal bought an earring from Caroline, Noida. He advises that before you go shopping offline, check the course once online. This will give you an idea of ​​the discount so you can haggle in the store. Sharing a trick, he said that if you say the price online, then the sellers give the goods at a lower price than this. Online shopping is very popular with girls. Archana bought several gifts from Reliance Trends. Gifts are available with a certain purchase at many retailers.


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