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The Indian team achieved a big score of 184 points in the T20 World Cup against Bangladesh. Some batsmen have made excellent hitters for the Indian team.

KL Rahul and Virat Kohli scored half centuries. Runs were expected from Dinesh Karthik’s bat but that didn’t happen. He escaped. Fans asked questions on Twitter about the decision of his race. At the un-hit end, the ball from the stumps was seen to fall from the bowler’s hands but the umpire gave Karthik away. This was followed by strong reactions on Twitter.

(Thank you DK for the wonderful career)

(What Dinesh Karthik wanted to do is Ashwin, the finisher)

(Karthik should be coached by Ashwin)

(Karthik should learn from Ashwin to finish)

(the ball did not move the bails, the bails did not move when the ball was not in hand)

Why didn’t the 3rd referee check other angles? The ball was not in the bowler’s hand when the sureties were dislodged. Not conclusive enough to give. #DineshKarthik #INDvsBAN #T20WorldCup

(Why didn’t the third referee check from other angles. The ball was not in hand when the bails fell)

The ball hits the wickets but there is no evidence that the bonds were off because the ball as the bowler hit the wicket with his hand. The third referee seems in a hurry.#INDVsBNG #DineshKarthik

(The ball hit the wicket but there was no bail evidence for the same reason, with the third umpire appearing hastily)

It was the bowler’s hand that hit the stump, not the ball. I think #DineshKarthik had not come out. The third referee didn’t spend too much time examining it. #INDVsBNG

(The pitcher’s hand touched the stumps and not the ball, the third referee didn’t even take long to look at it)

(Dinesh Karthik was not out)

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