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New Delhi: After two crushing defeats, the Pakistani team will face the Netherlands on Sunday. Ahead of this game, a big statement from Netherlands head coach Ryan Cook was released. He said Pakistan was a team to beat. Playing close games against Pakistan in the ODI Super League ahead of the World Cup boosted his confidence against the Pakistanis.

When the Netherlands coach was asked if he hoped to repeat what Zimbabwe did, the coach replied: “His team is confident of a good performance against Pakistan.” He said: “I think every team wants to win games but we clearly saw that the Pakistan team was worth beating so it’s good to know.

Confidence gained in the Super League

He added: “Obviously playing in the World Super League has given us a lot of confidence because we’ve come really close in those matches. Hoping to get off the line this time. This match will be great.”

The coach said the Netherlands bowling attack is going well and should pick up some quick wickets against Pakistan on Sunday. “Our bowling offense is very good and I hope we continue to take more wickets to break the Pakistani batting lineup,” he added.

We have already met them

Responding to a question, Cook said playing Pakistan first gave his team the opportunity to understand their position against Pakistan and they know how the Pakistanis will attack them in tomorrow’s game. “Pakistani bowlers have a lot of pace and we have played them before so we are more familiar with what they have to throw at us.

we will beat them in the game tomorrow

So we have to implement our plans for them, he said. All the different batsmen are making their individual plans against him and practicing in the net. So we will beat them in tomorrow’s game. Cook said he is confident his team can beat Pakistan and believes that if the Netherlands are successful they can beat Pakistan. Cook said: “I think both teams will start with zero points tomorrow.


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