Dabur India shares rise, Badshah Masala strengthens business


According to the broker, the acquisition of Badshah Masala will boost Dabur India’s earnings. The turnover can be seen in the company.

Dabur India Share Price: Badshah Masala could be a game changer for the country’s legendary FMCG company Dabur India. Entering this business through Badshah Masala is expected to strengthen the company’s business. Brokerage houses are also positive about this move by Dabur India. He believes that this will help the company increase revenue in the coming days. The brokerage firm estimates that there will be a reversal in Dabur India in the future. He also advised betting on stocks.

We inform you that Dabur India has acquired Badshah Masala’s Masala Brand Company. Dabur has now bought a 51% stake in the company. After 5 years, the remaining 49 percent of the shares will also belong to Dabur. With this move, Dabur India entered the spice industry. Badshah Masala currently manufactures, markets and exports ground spices, spice mixes and food products.

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Recovery will be seen in the company

Brokerage house Motilal Oswal gave investment advice in Dabur India and set a target of Rs 645. At the current price of Rs 549, it can generate a return of 17 percent. The brokerage company did not make any changes to the company’s EPS forecast. The brokerage believes that the acquisition of Badshah Masala will increase the company’s revenue. In terms of recent results, the company has faced some pressure due to its high reliance on rural areas. There is no clarity on demand recovery in rural India.

The brokerage house says that in the near future there will be an advantage of stability, rising prices and a low base in terms of casting materials. The company’s earnings are expected to improve compared to Q4 2023. Sales of medical supplies have been strong during Covid 19, while overall sales growth is in double digits. The turnover can be seen in the company in the coming days.

the company will be strengthened

Brokerage house Goldman Sachs gave advice on investing in Dabur India and set a target of Rs 680. The brokerage says the acquisition of Badshah Masala will strengthen the company. However, weak demand growth in rural areas and increased competition in the healthcare segment are also a risk factor.

(Disclaimer: Brokerage advice on investing in stocks. This is not the personal opinion of The Financial Express. Markets are risky, so listen to the experts before investing.)


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