Crypto Mate: 50 Eyes, A Thousand Exchange Scam | Crypto magic, fraud from a thousand exchanges


Big blow for bitcoin, ethereum has also fallen three times, there are about 150 million crypto investors worldwide. Many small countries recognized it, due to which there is a brisk business. Cryptocurrencies go by many names and are launched continuously. Many celebrities also participated in the match.

Some time ago, 400 bitcoin hackers blew up an exchange. The investors lost lakhs but the income tax department is giving them recovery notices. Thousands of investors lost money by deleting an application. A complaint was filed in Bhopal cyber cell but no one was caught.

– On Diwali in 2021, i.e. November 4, the rate of bitcoin was 47 lakh 06 thousand 417 which remained 16 lakh 56 thousand this Diwali. That is, the price in one year was reduced by 30 lakhs.

On November 4, 2021, the price of currency Ethereum was Rs 3 lakh 63 thousand 099, which came to Rs 1 lakh 07 thousand 570 at 16 on 23 October. That means more than three times the loss.

– Speculative Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency has become speculative in a way. Crypto renters also cheat. There is monitoring in India but there is no registration of the currency in international exchanges. In the past, businesses were run with black money, but due to surveillance in the country, this has stopped. Internationally, hackers extort and extort cryptocurrency. Crypto is given as a bribe. The hawala business has also played a role. It is used in many illegal works. Pankaj Shah, Chartered Accountant

The future is good, caution is needed, the government has started charging one percent TDS on purchases and sales. Notices are issued from 1 July. About 50 exchanges are monitored for buying and selling, although more than a thousand exchanges are running. Young people invest constantly. The future of cryptocurrency is good, that’s why RBI has also launched e-rupee. People should invest with caution. Sunil Maheshwari, CA & Cryptocurrency Expert

People need to be aware that new people are constantly adding to crypto, but centralized exchange needs to be trusted. Blockchain, fast money claimants are scams. No need to install new application. Government authorities need to make people aware or fraud will increase. Dr. Ram Padhiyar, currency founder

80 percent fraud According to cyber expert Shobhit Chaturvedi, cryptocurrency is a market characterized by uncertainty. Right now about 80 percent is fraud. China’s miners are the epicenter of fraud. Due to the lack of recognition of who is right and who is wrong, young people become victims of fraud. Security agencies must monitor.


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