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The England cricket team beat New Zealand in the T20 World Cup today. With this victory, England kept their hopes of reaching the semi-finals. During this match, a video of England captain Jos Buttler went quite viral. In this video, he can be seen making an incredible catch.

In cricket, some of these catches are often caught, which is not believed when seeing at first sight. Jos Buttler did the same. In fact, in this game, England won the toss and elected to bat first. On New Zealand’s batting in the second inning, Chris Woakes came on to knock down the second.

On the last ball of the over, Conway attempted to play from the side of the leg and hit the edge of his bat, after which the ball came back to where wicketkeeper Jos Buttler was present. Although that ball seemed out of reach, Jos Buttler caught the hold with a terrific dive. This ball did not even come completely into his hand, but only with the edges of the fingers he caught this ball. The help of the third referee was taken to make a decision on this. The third referee, after watching his replays two or three times, confirmed that it was a catch and that the ball had not touched the ground. With that, the batsman was declared out.

Sharing the video of this incident, Rajasthan Royals wrote:

Control Spider-Man and Batman with your fists.

Let us tell you that by beating first in this game, England scored 179 points. Butler struck brilliantly for England and scored 73 runs on 47 balls. While chasing the target, the New Zealand team could only score 159 points and England won the match by 20 points.

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