Bihar: Newborn dies 4 days after vaccination, family members create ruckus in hospital


Kaimur, Big news from Kaimur district of Bihar. Here, a newborn baby died after being vaccinated with BCG. Angry family members created ruckus at Sadar Hospital about this.

Family members told that the child was born on 21 July 2022 at this Sadar Hospital who was vaccinated with BCG on 29/10/2022. The child died suddenly at 04:00 am on Wednesday after which the children were shown by the family members to Sadar Hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead. Angry relatives created ruckus and demanded action against Sadar Hospital.

According to the information, Chanakya Maurya, son of Omprakash Singh, a resident of Dadar village in Mohaniya police station area, has been told. After the commotion, the police reached the information, extinguished the family and pacified the family members and started investigating the case.

Vinod Kumar Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital said that this morning itself the children were brought to Sadar Hospital by the relatives where after the doctors declared them dead, the family created a ruckus but there were many reasons behind its death May be. The cause of death due to vaccine will only be known when the autopsy report comes. Till now no written complaint has been filed by the family members. If you file a written complaint, an investigation will be conducted by the health department by setting up an investigation team and action will be taken against the culprits as soon as possible.

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