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The semi-final race remains interesting after South Africa lost to Pakistan in Group 2 of the T20 World Cup. Pakistan, India and South Africa have yet to play a game each. It remains to be seen what will happen in the next matches. The Indian team is due to play its last league game against Zimbabwe on Sunday. Weather conditions will also play an important role in this regard.

According to reports so far, there is no chance of rain in this match to be held in Melbourne and the skies will be clear. However, there is a chance of rain overnight on the first day of the game. Last week, three matches were ruined due to rain in Melbourne. In such a situation, the role of rain will also be important in this game.

The Indian team leads the standings with six points. While South Africa has 5 points and Pakistan has 4 points. The Indian team is behind the other two teams in net run rate. In such a situation, winning the game against Zimbabwe should be an important goal. However, if the match is washed away by rain, both teams will get one point each and the Indian team will go to the semi-finals.

The South African team is to play against the Netherlands while the Pakistan team will play against Bangladesh. The South African team must win the match. With this victory, the South African team will have 7 points. In such a situation, nothing will be left for the Pakistan team. At the same time, the Indian team will also have to be cautious from Zimbabwe. However, in the next three matches, India, South Africa and Pakistan are the favourites. However, Zimbabwe had made a big upset by defeating Pakistan. There have also been other upheavals in this World Cup.

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