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The Indian team players were staying at the Crown Hotel in Perth for the game against South Africa. In this hotel, someone entered the room of veteran Indian drummer Virat Kohli without permission and also leaked a video of his room. In the video, personal effects and other items kept in Kohli’s room can be seen. After the player raised his voice in this matter, the hotel identified the staff member and suspended him and also apologized to Virat. The hotel also confirmed that the video of Virat Kohli’s hotel room had been removed from the social media handles of those affected.

Today Virat Kohli shared the video from his bedroom on Instagram and said someone did it without permission. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the violation of his privacy. Virat said he was shocked by the behavior of the people who shot the video from his hotel room and added that he was not comfortable with such bigotry.

The hotel has taken action against the person concerned and apologized to Virat Kohli

The Crown Resorts hotel said it would not tolerate such behavior and would cooperate with the Indian cricket team and the ICC in further investigating the matter.

The hotel released a statement saying,

The safety and privacy of our customers is our number one priority, and we are extremely disappointed that this incident has occurred. We unreservedly apologize to the guest involved and will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure this remains the only incident. We have zero tolerance for this behavior, and it is well below the standards set for our team members and contractors.

Crown took immediate action to correct the problem. Those involved were removed and the original video was quickly removed from the social media platform.

An apology has been made to the King on behalf of the Crown, but the apology is lesser and seems like a joke after reading this whole letter. #ViratKohli #Crown

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