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Many times such incidents occur in cricket which are remembered for a long time. Something similar happened in the T20 World Cup match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe (Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe). The Bangladesh team went to the locker room after winning the game, but after that the referees called them back to the ground and started the game again.

Beating first, Bangladesh scored 150 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in the 20 overs allowed. In response, chasing the target, Zimbabwe needed five points to win the last ball. If he had reached a four, the match would have been a draw and if he had reached a six, he would have won the match. However, neither of these two events happened and what happened will be remembered for a long time.

No ball due to wicketkeeper error

In the final over, Blessing Mujarabani took the lead and tried to play a shot against Mosaddek Hossain but missed completely. Bangladeshi wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan tried to corner him. After that, the players from Bangladesh started celebrating the victory. The reason was that the Zimbabwe team could not score a single point on the last ball. The players from Bangladesh and Zimbabwe shook hands and left the field.

However, in the meantime, the third referee kept watching the replays over and over again and after that the ball was called a no. The reason was that Bangladesh wicket keeper Nurul Hasan caught the ball in front of the stumps and that’s why he became a non-ball. All the Bangladeshi players were surprised to know that and all the players had to come back out there and throw that ball. However, the Zimbabwe team could not win despite this and not a single point was scored on the last ball.

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