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The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) said on Thursday that it would raise the issue of the controversial refereeing in the T20 World Cup game against India at a proper forum as it did not pay attention to it. during the match. Bangladeshi batsman Nurul Hasan accused Virat Kohli of playing after the game.

BCB Cricket Operation Chief Jalal Yunus said we talked about it. You saw it on TV and it all happened in front of you. We had informed the referees of the fake throw but they said they hadn’t noticed it and that’s why they didn’t see it again. Shakib talked a lot about it with Erasmus and even talked to him after the match.

Apart from this, Jalal said that Shakib asked the referees to start the match late but it was not accepted. He said Shakib talked about the wet ground and he said he could take a little longer and let the ground dry out, start the game after the ground is dry. The decision of the referees is final and that is why there was no room for discussion. Whether you were going to play or not was the only decision.

Significantly, when the Bangladesh team struck in the seventh over, it looked like Virat Kohli was relaying Arshdeep Singh’s shot but the referees paid no attention. The drummers didn’t pay attention to it either. However, the allegations cannot be said to be true. It remains to be seen what the Bangladesh Cricket Board will do next. He was told to take the case to the ICC.

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