Auto Taxi Fare Increase: Delhi Auto Taxi Rides Are Getting Expensive, Delhi Government Approves Fare Increase


The minimum fare for a car will be 30 rupees, after that 11 rupees per kilometer, the fare for a taxi without air conditioning will be 17 rupees per kilometer.

Taxi Fare Increase: Due to rising LNG prices, the Delhi government has approved a proposal to raise the cost of auto rickshaws and taxis. After receiving government approval, the minimum fare (meter fee) for auto rickshaws in Delhi at an initial distance of 1.5 km was increased from Rs 25 to Rs 30, and after that, the fare based on km was increased from Rs 9.50 to Rs were increased to 11 rupees. After the minimum fare for non-air conditioned (AC) taxis, passengers will now have to pay Rs 17 per kilometer instead of Rs 14. At the same time, in a taxi with alternating current, after the minimum fare, you will have to pay 20 rupees per kilometer. Previously, this rate was 16 rupees per kilometer.

A tip of 2,88,461 will be available on a salary of 25,000, know the calculation and the rules associated with it.

Earlier in 2020, the auto rickshaw fare was increased. In 2013, the fares for black and yellow taxis, economy class taxis and premium class taxis have changed. Delhi Transportation Minister Kailash Galot said that many applications have been received from associations and unions of auto rickshaws and taxis to raise fares. After that, the tariff increase was approved.


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