ATF price increase: air travel will become more expensive! Aviation Turbine Fuel Update – Check Details


ATF price hike: This is big news for air travelers because now air travel could get even more expensive. Flights are likely to rise in price in the near future. Following the increase in gasoline and diesel prices on the first day of November, an update on aviation turbine fuel (ATF) has now also been released. Oil companies have raised prices for ATF strongly. Its impact can be seen on ticket prices soon.

Update Tuesday morning

The Indian Petroleum Corporation published new prices on Tuesday morning, in which they were increased by 4842.37 pounds. In Delhi, these prices have been raised to £120,362.64 per kilogram-litre. On the other hand, £127,023.83/kg in Kolkata, £119,266.36/kg in Mumbai and £124,998.48/kg in Chennai.

Reducing the price of commercial cylinders

But on Tuesday morning, the prices of commercial cylinders were reduced, their prices were significantly reduced by 115 rupees. The share of ATF in the total cost of airlines is about 40%, so it can be said that due to this increase, the total cost of airlines can increase.

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