Apple Farmers: Farmers are facing disappointment due to not getting the right price of apples


New Delhi: This year the apple crop in Himachal is expected to be good by 10 percent. This year apple business in Himachal can cross Rs 6000 crore. The apple growers in Himachal are giving good news to the market, but the farmers themselves are facing disappointment. At the time when you are buying apples ₹ 500 kg from stores in malls in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, farmers are not getting even ₹ 70 per kg for the same in their orchards.

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In big cities, good quality apples of Kinnaur are being sold up to ₹ 500 kg, while private companies and brokers are reluctant to give ₹ 70 kg to the farmers of the area. Cultivation of apple is very hard work for the farmers and they expect its crop to be sold at a good price.

Every year after August 15, the market prices of apples are suddenly dropped in the state’s mandis. Most of the private households start buying apples from the second or third week of August. This time too after the second week of August, the prices of apples have started falling.

In the first week of August, where the farmers were getting 100 to ₹ 125 kg of apples, in the first week of September, the prices of apples have come down to ₹ 60-70 kg. The farmers are demanding that the gardeners of the area should get the legal right to fix the price of apples.

Last year 6.2 lakh metric tonnes of apples were produced in Himachal, out of which 35 crore boxes came. This year, due to better weather and farmers ensuring protection of trees from hailstorm, 50-60 lakh boxes are expected to come more. The figure of apple yield can reach beyond 4 crores. This is 10% more than last year.

In Himachal, the prices of only Royal apple have fallen since September, because this apple is being stored by private households and arhtiyas. The variety which does not have an apple store, its rates are getting better even today. The farmers of Himchal have accused private houses and arhtiyas of colluding to bring down the rate.

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