Apart from eggs and cheese, eat these 3 healthy foods to gain weight



Milk or milk products are helpful in increasing weight.
Eggs are a good source of muscle building and weight gain.

Food for weight gain: To gain weight quickly and safely, certain foods should be used. There are many ways to gain weight. Eating different types of dishes helps to increase the calorie count in our body, which is especially necessary for the muscles. Eating a diet high in calories and protein and exercising every day helps a lot in gaining weight. The best way to go is to increase the weight gradually. The methods to gain weight quickly become quite unhealthy for the body. Those who want to gain weight quickly should consult a doctor. Rapid weight gain can have an impact on our health. Eat some healthy things to gain weight in a healthy way.

These foods can increase weight

cheese: health line According to this, milk or milk products are helpful in increasing weight. Paneer is high in calories and fat. Paneer or cheese is also a rich source of protein.

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egg: Eggs are a better source for building muscle or gaining weight. Although they are full of nutrients, their excessive consumption can lead to weight gain.

Whole grains: Whole grain bread is high in carbohydrates. Eating roti with nut butter can help with weight gain.

dry fruits: Dried fruits contain large amounts of fructose. Fruits that contain sugar are naturally sweet and are considered beneficial in increasing the calories in food.

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Carbohydrates: Carbohydrate is an element that our body uses for energy. Therefore, eating foods high in carbohydrates can help you gain weight. Rice has a high carbohydrate content. To increase the amount of protein, we should use brown rice. Because brown rice has more protein and carbohydrate than other rice. Weight can be increased by eating rice with meat and beans.

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