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Indian cricket team player Virat Kohli is once again in the news for the ongoing T20 World Cup. But, this time it’s not his baton but a leaked video from his hotel room. Now, his wife Anushka Sharma has also reacted to this.

In fact, a video of Virat Kohli’s hotel room has been leaked in which all the things kept in his room are visible. Kohli’s shoes, suitcases and clothes can also be seen there. Virat Kohli was very angry at the interference with his privacy and by sharing this video he called for people’s privacy to be respected.

Virat’s wife Anushka also reacted to this. Anushka is also very angry with this whole affair and she shared a story on her Instagram account. In this, while sharing Virat’s video, he wrote,

I’ve had such incidents before where the fans showed no sympathy or kindness, but this is the worst of all. It’s an insult to a human being and whoever thinks you’re a celebrity then you have to face it, know that you’re part of the problem too. Self-control helps everyone, what if it was in your bedroom? where is the line?

Source: Anushka Sharma's Instagram Story
Source: Anushka Sharma’s Instagram Story

Let me tell you that before that, Kohli also expressed his dissatisfaction about this and wrote that I understand the fans are happy to see and meet their favorite players. If I can’t have privacy in my own hotel room, where can I find my personal space? Please respect people’s privacy.

After that, the hotel staff apologized for the whole matter and also released a statement. In the statement, he said hotel management took this whole matter seriously and action was taken against those involved.

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