An investment of just Rs 17 can make you a millionaire, start today


If you are one of those people who have not planned anything, insist on planning early. You can consult any wise person for investment. In this case, we recommend you some things, if you want, you can take some ideas from it. It is said that investing is better when it starts.

Big funds will be generated from small investments

Your daily small investments can build a big fund. Here we will tell you how you can make a big fund with small investment. We are telling you about Rs 500 per month plan. If you look at it on a daily basis, it is around Rs 16.66 (Rs 17). Saving Rs 17 per day is not a big deal.

Do SIP of Rs.500 per month

Initially, you can invest in mutual funds. With a SIP of Rs 500 per month, your dream of becoming a millionaire can come true. Let’s know how to create funds from 500 to 1 crore rupees? You need to invest Rs 17 per day (Rs 500 per month) in mutual funds. In the last few years, mutual funds have given returns of 20 percent or more.

Get 15 to 20 percent returns!

We told you that you need to invest Rs 17 per day ie Rs 500 per month. By depositing this amount for 20 years, you accumulate Rs 1.2 lakh. In 20 years, at 15% annual return, your fund will grow to Rs 7 lakh 8 thousand. If we talk about 20 percent annual return, then this fund will grow to Rs 15.80 lakh.

A 30 year investment will make you a millionaire

If you invest Rs 500 per month for 30 years, you will accumulate a total of Rs 1.8 lakh during this period. Now if you get 20 percent annual return on it for 30 years, your fund will grow to 1.16 crores. Investors get the benefit of compounding in mutual funds. It has the advantage of investing every month. This is why you can expect to get big funds with a small amount of investment.


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