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The T20 World Cup turns sour for Pakistani captain Babar Azam. He has disappointed in his three matches so far. Even against the Netherlands, Babar couldn’t do anything extraordinary. In such a situation, Indian spinner Amit Mishra had tweeted about Babar, which was no longer well received by former Pakistani legend Shahid Afridi. Afridi gave his reaction to this.

Babar Azam was sent off for 4 in the game against the Netherlands in Perth, which Amit Mishra tweeted and wrote: “This bad time will pass too. Stay strong Babar.

This tweet went very viral on social media because it was a copy of Babar’s old tweet. Interestingly, Babar posted a similar tweet for Virat Kohli in July. Babar had made such a tweet to support Kohli during his poor form.

However, now that Afridi has been asked to react to Amit Mishra’s tweet on a TV show, he has expressed his anger over it. During a broadcast on Pakistani Sama TV, Afridi said, “Yeh jo aap naam le rahe hai Amit Mishra, yeh bhi Bharat se khela hai kya? Was he a spinner or a drummer? It doesn’t matter. Let’s move on .”

This T20 World Cup has been very bad for Babar so far. Where under his captaincy, Pakistan had lost their first two matches. On the other hand, he couldn’t even hit the double figure with the bat. Babar, who was beaten against the Netherlands, scored 0, 4 and 4 in this World Cup. This is the first time Babar has failed to hit double figures in three consecutive T20 matches.

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