Amethi: The woman was about to slip and fall under the moving train, then TTE came like an angel


Report – Aditya Krishna

Amethi. For a woman traveling by Punjab Mail Express, a TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) came in the form of an angel and took the woman out of her mouth. Due to this sudden incident at the railway station, a huge crowd gathered at the spot and the train stopped. This entire incident was also captured in the CCTV cameras installed for security. On Monday, a 60-year-old woman traveling in S-4 coach of Punjab Mail (Amritsar-Howrah Express) was sent away safely following this incident.

It is said, ‘Jako rakhe saiyan mar sake na koi’, this saying seemed to be true about the incident at Amethi railway station. As soon as the train stopped at Amethi railway station, the woman who got down to collect some food items had slipped due to impaired balance in the rush to reach the train. The woman’s foot was about to get under the train when TT Rajendra Singh pulled the woman and took her out safely. It is said that after stopping the train, the woman was sent safely on the onward journey. However, the woman could not be identified.

Everyone praises Singh

After the incident, a crowd had gathered at the spot. People present at the station appreciate this intelligence, speed and bravery of TT Rajendra Singh. Singh said the safety of railway passengers is his priority and he fulfilled the same responsibility. It is my appeal to passengers not to risk their lives and prioritize your safety.

TT Krishna Kumar Singh, a colleague posted at the railway station, said that this is the first time such an incident has happened to a woman at Amethi railway station. ‘We sat at the railway station for questioning. During this an accident happened and Rajendra Singh saved the woman from the accident. He was slightly injured while rescuing the woman, but still we are glad that a major accident was averted.

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