Agent Portability Option: Now you can change the insurance agent of these policies including LIC, but this rule will be applicable


New Delhi. Very soon in the country, the insured is going to get the option of Agent Portability Option regarding the insurance policy. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has decided that if an insured is not happy with his agent, he can change his agent. In this proposal of IRDA, there will be no option to change agent in general insurance, but this option will be there in life insurance policy of 20 years. Under this, the commission received by the agent on your premium will now be available to the new agent after portability. Till now there was no such option in the country. With this, crores of customers taking many insurance policies including LIC will get another option.

It is worth noting that after taking insurance, some people are not happy due to the behavior of the agent or any other reasons. In such a situation, now you can change your agent. Most of the people of the country depend on the insurance agent for the insurance policy and the agent sells such policies in the interest of his profit, which is not a profitable deal for the insured in the future. In such a situation, there is always a dispute between the agent and the insured.

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Every person’s income and needs are different in the country.

Now you can change the insurance agent of your choice
Let us tell you that the income and needs of every person in the country are different. That is why today in the insurance market also there are different insurance products according to every need, but the agent gives wrong policy keeping in mind the needs and income of the people in the pursuit of their benefits. In such a situation, IRDA has given the option to the insured that you can change your agent.

This will be beneficial for the insured
It is worth noting that for the last few days, IRDA has been taking decisions one after the other. Recently, IRDA had given permission to insurance companies to empanel hospitals on their own. IRDA took this decision with the aim of relaxing norms for cashless facility of patients. With this decision, now more and more hospitals are getting the facility of cashless treatment. Under this, IRDA had asked the insurance companies to make a policy at the board level, after which the insurance company can bring any hospital to the panel.

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Recently, IRDA had changed some rules before offering any of its products to the insurance company.

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Along with this, IRDA had changed some rules in the past before offering any of its products to the insurance company. Let us tell you that before the introduction of any product of the insurance company, pre-approval had to be taken from IRDA, but now after changing the rules by IRDA, health and almost all general insurance products have to be approved by the insurance regulator before launching. do not require.

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