After all, what’s the secret behind NASA’s smiling sun photo?


Sometimes celestial bodies make unique shapes in space. In this, the gas and dust around the stars of the distant galaxy form unusual and attractive shapes with the starlight. But can the Sun also make a unique shape? From the Earth and also from near, the Sun is only visible as a ball of fire, because of which many times the flames are seen coming out. Many times the solar eclipse phenomenon appears to form a beautiful ring. But recently, NASA has shared a unique image of the Sun, where a black smile with black eyes in the yellow sun also makes a beautiful sight.

smiling sun
Astronomers from NASA have called this smiling face-like image of the Sun a smiling sun and shared it on their Twitter account. People have also given many types of reactions on Twitter. Some do not even see this sun only smile. Some see this smiling ice man and some look like a marshmallow man.

What are these dark spots?
It’s all just a coincidence. But people interpret it in their own way. Although it is not true, but the picture definitely gives a beautiful feeling and it also seems to make people smile. NASA has said that these dark spots are actually holes in the corona, and solar wind is coming out of these areas quickly, making it appear as if no light is coming out.

different patterns
In fact, this phenomenon is pareidolia, where many such patterns are seen and it seems that the sun shows the face of different expressions. In fact, this image is X-ray and ultraviolet images where such dark spots are visible. The corona is the region of the Sun’s atmosphere that is cooler than the surrounding plasma. Plasma is a gas-like state of matter where high energy causes particles to become ionized.

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In general, such unique views are rarely seen on the Sun. (symbolic photo: Pixabay)

The sun’s magnetic field
The Sun has its own magnetic field created by the movement of charged particles, and the Sun actually consists entirely of ionized particles. Therefore, its invisible magnetic field is effective on the surface, but it is not affected in the holes of the corona.

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charged particles and plasma
Scientists show from the direction of movement of all these charged particles and plasma what the direction of this field is. In the holes in the corona, the direction of the magnetic field does not seem to reverse, and the space in this area moves away, and it is not even visible to pass through them. The emitting plasma produces a very high-velocity solar wind that blows out from the Sun at a speed of 800 kilometers per second.

Science, Space, NASA, Sun, Smiling Sun, Sunspots, Coronal Hole, Solar Wind, Plasma,

NASA continues to release unique images taken with its instruments. (symbolic photo: Pixabay)

impact on the earth
We see both good and bad effects of the solar wind on Earth. Which shows a magnificent view of the poles in the form of northern lights. On the other hand, they also work to block the signals coming from satellite, as well as have the potential to mess up the communication network and the GPS system. But yes, they cause no harm to the humans on earth.

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Even as NASA says, the International Space Station is also well inside the Earth’s magnetosphere, so the astronauts there are not harmed by these solar winds either. Even if an astronaut were to be exposed to radiation, at first nothing happens to him, but gradually he sees the effect of radiation, he begins to show symptoms such as vomiting, fatigue, low blood count. These symptoms may last for a few days.

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