What Are 5 Reasons To Invest In New Cowrie Cryptocurrency?

What Are 5 Reasons To Invest In New Cowrie Cryptocurrency?

Do you have an overdose of R18? Invest in COWRIE, get rewards, and give back.

Have you always wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, but the cost, the stories of losing millions, or simply because it looks risky?

What if we suggest you can join the digital currency revolution risk-free? That you were given your money-back guarantee, even if you decide 27 years from now that crypto isn’t for you?

And what if investing in your future means you can support the upliftment of needy and disadvantaged South African communities at no extra effort or cost on your part?

What Are 5 Reasons To Invest In New Cowrie Cryptocurrency?
What Are 5 Reasons To Invest In New Cowrie Cryptocurrency?

Well, now you can with COWRIE.

Launched on 18 July 2022 to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s birthday, COWRIE is a world-first community-based empowerment currency that prioritizes giving back while promoting inclusion.

Available exclusively to South Africans during ICOs, COWRIE is an affordable cryptocurrency that comes with a money-back guarantee, great rewards, and built-in security measures to reduce risk and remove barriers to entry.

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Here are good reasons to buy COWRIE:-

1. It’s Affordable: Invest in Crypto for Less Than a Cup of Coffee

You can buy COWRIE for only R0.60 per coin during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and subsequent issuance.

The minimum purchase is 30 COWRIE, so for just R18.00 – less than the price associated with a cup of coffee – you can become a cryptocurrency investor.

why so cheap? Because it is important to us that every South African citizen has the opportunity to join the digital revolution. Many people missed out on the bitcoin rush, which is why only South Africans would be able to buy kauri at the time of the ICO and subsequent coin offerings.

That said, you can choose to sell your COWRIE to international investors when it is listed on the two major cryptocurrency exchanges—LBank and OVEX—within the MyCowrie Wallet.

2. It’s risk-free with a money-back guarantee

You’ve probably heard that investing in cryptocurrency is considered risky because prices tend to change rapidly, and demand keeps moving up and down.

Not with a penny.

COWRIE comes with a money-back guarantee. If you no longer want your COWRIE, we buy them back from you for the same amount you paid for them—even if the price drops.

This offer is for the next 27 years – the amount of time Nelson Mandela spent in prison for protesting against South Africa’s apartheid system.

There will be only 1.4 billion COWRIE tokens, which will be locked with a smart contract and issued over a linked period of 27 years. 183 million coins will be ready to grab during the ICO phase. Over the next 26 years, on Nelson Mandela Day (July 18), more tokens will be issued in a limited amount of 46,664,000 coins each year.

This strategy—along with a limit of R1 million per buyer—ensures fair access to COWRIE and prevents people from buying in bulk, eliminating the potential for whales.

ground level? You have nothing to lose when you invest in COWRIE. But you have a lot to gain.

3. Rewards will be compounded for the longer you stay on your COWRIE

You can earn up to 15% every year in COWRIE coins—that’s better than the best cash interest rates currently available.

Here’s how it works:

Suppose you buy 100 pennies for R60.

In that case, you may be rewarded with another 15 COWRIE (15%) during the first year, making your total investment linked to 115 COWRIE.

Because rewards compound, the longer you hold your COWRIE, the more you get:

During the second year, you can get back 17.25 Kauri (15% of 115), bringing your total coins to 132.25.

During the third year, you can earn back 19.8 pennies by paying 152 coins (15% of 132.25).

During the fourth year, you can get back 22.8 pennies (15% of 152), taking you up to 174.9 pennies.

And keeps growing at that.

At this stage, your R60 will increase to R105 (assuming the cost of COWRIE doesn’t go up, which we believe it will).

If that R60 was put into a bank savings account by you, it would be worth about R73 over the course of four years, based on the best interest rates you can get today (about 5%).

But that is not all. You can also earn 5% commission when you refer a friend during ICO. COWRIE is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Help others by investing in your future

The most important thing about COWRIE is that you can invest in others by investing related to your future.

Each year, we invest 30% of the coins issued in The Community Upliftment Trust, a trust dedicated to the upliftment of communities in need in South Africa.

COWRIE is the world’s first cryptocurrency to support such an initiative aimed at democratizing and addressing welfare needs. It is run by an independent board of trustees and includes mechanisms to ensure indestructibility, radical transparency, and democracy.

The more COWRIE South Africans buy, the more South Africans will benefit. As the cost associated with COWRIE increases, you will not only make more profit, but we will be able to allocate more money to the community and social development.

By purchasing COWRIE, you help make a real difference. And you’ll be able to say what community projects the trust supports.

5. It is backed by leading technical and legal experts

COWRIE was designed by Virtual Nation Builders (VNB), a Web3 technology company under 30% ownership associated with Schindler’s C Attorney, a leading blockchain law firm.

The convergence of blockchain technology and legislation is important because it allows us to use the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Web3 to facilitate real socio-economic development.

VNB recently made headlines with the record sale of Nelson Mandela’s arrest warrant involving the world’s first legacy non-fungible token (NFT). Raised R1.9 million ($130,000) in an auction to help NFT fund the Liliesleaf Museum heritage site.

VNB recently acquired crypto and blockchain company FHM (Pty) Ltd which is the creator of Africa’s first cryptocurrency, associated with Safcoin.

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