3 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Benefit Your Business


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The origins of cryptocurrency date back to 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world’s first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – to the world. It was the first time a decentralized digital currency was introduced, and since then the lure of crypto has been on constant increaseNot only that, but there are chances for further improvements in the future.

The world is becoming more modern, digital and advanced and from now on not only individuals but companies are also adapting to the changing standards. If you think that your business is not able to reach its potential in the local market, it may prove beneficial for you to take it to the international market and benefit from crypto.

That said, before we tell you how crypto can benefit your business, let’s have a brief overview of cryptocurrency and its working algorithm.

What is crypto and how does it work?

Cryptocurrency is the term for a digital currency that does not have an intermediary to control its flow of transactions. Using a transparent digital process, consumers can connect directly with each other.

When a transaction is to be executed in cryptocurrency, it is submitted to a public ledger and will not be completed until proof of ownership is confirmed via an encrypted e-signature. Miners are individuals who know how to solve computational tasks and they verify the authenticity of a transaction before adding it to the blockchain.

Additionally, it should be clear by now that unlike traditional banking systems, you don’t need to rely on third parties to facilitate transactions.

Top 3 ways that prove how crypto can benefit your business

Despite the fact that crypto has managed to create a firm footing in the market now, people are still not aware of how it can benefit them. Now you must be wondering how cryptocurrency can benefit your business? Don’t worry, for your convenience we’ve tried to break it down just below.

1. New and improved payment processing

When it comes to boosting the growth potential of a business and opening new doors for it, cryptocurrency can prove to be beneficial as it improves the ability to process payments by a significant margin.

Businesses usually go to financial services companies to get the payments processed. These companies can charge large fees to provide the services that businesses normally require. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, can remove this obstacle and prevent businesses, as well as customers, from paying this fee.

Additionally, cryptocurrency payments are lightning fast, meaning there will be no delays in receiving payments from customers.

So if you want to accept crypto payments on your e-commerce business, you can check out the Opencart plugin by Coingate and receive opencart bitcoin payments without hassle.

2. No more chargeback scams

Companies often have to deal with the problem of chargebacks. If you are a business owner, you may also have been in a situation where customers buy a product and suddenly cancel the payment. Pretty frustrating, right?

It is understandable that this can lead to a significant loss for the company. That said, since payment records on the blockchain are permanent and irreversible with crypto, it can help tackle such issues.

This means that with crypto as a payment method, there will be no possibility for customers to reverse the payment. However, customers can still do this if they contact the business owner directly.

3. Private and simplified international transactions

Many businesses out there face a lot of obstacles to reach their full potential. One of the biggest problems they face is linked to international payments. The issue of cyber security serves to be one of the biggest issues as loss of finances and identity theft is not something that business owners want.

Since cryptocurrency tends to provide privacy to both business owners and customers, they can decide for themselves what type and amount of information they want to share.

Apart from that, crypto has opened up ample space for businesses to trade internationally as well. Often there are many barriers and hefty payment processing involved when it comes to international transactions.

Therefore, companies with crypto will be able to trade across borders more profitably. They do not need to overprice their products as they will be able to receive payments quickly without unwanted delays and without involving intermediate parties.


No one can ignore the fact that crypto is a worthy investment. Especially if you observe the history of Bitcoin, you will understand that it has been able to perform exceptionally well over the past few years. Incorporating the blockchain technology and crypto payments into your business will definitely be a big step for you as it will increase your chances of growth and success.


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