3 Dow Stocks That Are Screaming To Buy In October

3 Dow Stocks That Are Screaming To Buy In October

The Timeless Dow Jones got hit by a bear market last week.

While large-scale market-linked downsides can raise concerns, they are ideal times for patient investors to work their money.

These Dow Stocks Turn Out to Be The Incredible Values ​​During Bear Market Downturns.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 stocks – three of which are plain-day trades.

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It’s Official, Guys: All Three Main US Stock Indices As of last week’s close Bears fell strongly in the market. But where there is a risk with Wall Street, there is often an opportunity for patient investors.

3 Dow Stocks That Are Screaming To Buy In October
3 Dow Stocks That Are Screaming To Buy In October

Although the famous Dow Jones Industrial Average ( ^ DJI) 2.80%) “only” has only 30 components, and therefore S&P 500 does not provide the most comprehensive look at health, the 30 associated with the Dow are stocks highly leveraged and time-tested. These are multinational businesses that have weathered a hurricane or 10 in the past, and they can generally be counted as rock-solid investments. In other words, Dow Jones Stocks are a potentially brilliant option to act your money during bear market downturns.

Here are three Dow stocks that can’t be less than a shout-out buy in October

Walgreens Boots Alliance

The first Dow stock that patient investors can buy with confidence during October is pharmacy chain Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA 2.96%) Walgreens since the beginning of this year 40% during the last five-year period 59%

Walgreens has faced the traced COVID-19 pandemic. Since it is a company that relies on its brick-and-mortar stores to drive sales, the lockdown has forced people to stay in their homes, which has hurt all aspects of its operations. But the good news is that Walgreen’s changes throughout the company are designed to boost its operating margin, accelerate its organic growth rate, and boost customer loyalty.

Like most retail-operated businesses, Walgreens is pulling the lever to trim the fat where it can. the fiscal year 2022 from annual operating costs associated with the company by the end of $2 was to cut Walgreens A year ahead of schedule $2 achieved more than While these cost-saving measures should boost the company’s operating margins, it’s where the company is putting its money at work that’s even more thrilling.

Walgreens Boots Alliance is making sure its future sales are a little more diversified. The company is investing heavily in digitization initiatives designed to encourage direct-to-consumer buying and/or drive-thru pickup. Even though the bulk of its sales will continue to come from its brick-and-mortar stores, online retailing offers the option of a sustainable organic growth opportunity for years to come.

Yet Walgreen’s biggest growth opportunity associated with Village MD is its partnership and majority investment with Walgreens Village MD by 31 May 2022 has 120 co-located, full-service health care clinics opened, with the ultimate goal 2027 of ending to reach 30 in more than 1,000 full-service clinics is the ultimate goal. Since they are medical staff. clinics, driving repeat business and driving customers to their local Walgreens a very high chance of

this one Big 6.1% Yield It is a related company with 47 registered an increase in its base annual payout fiscal year 2023 Wall Street’s projected earnings for 7 less than, it probably won’t be much cheaper than this.


Another Dow stock that’s been begging to buy during October as the bear market plunges, is Payment Processor Visa (V 2.20%) Since hitting its record-closing high during the summer of last year, Visa-linked stocks have 29%.

The biggest concerns for visas are historically high inflation and the continuing decline in GDP for the US economy. Visa is a cyclical business, which means it fluctuates with the US and the global economy. If high inflation suppresses consumer and enterprise spending, and/or the US or global economy enters a recession, Visa may see a drop in the fees it collects as a payment processor.

However, there is nothing wrong with having a cyclical stock. Even though recessions are an inevitable part of the economic cycle, they do not last very long. By comparison, the duration associated with an extension is usually measured in years. With a disproportionately long-term extension, a company like Visa can take advantage of relatively steady expense growth over time.

Visa itself – for consumption globally 1 market is found in a position attached to a critical pole. 2020, a little more than half of all credit card network purchase volume in the US and is the only major processor to 2009 account for its share of credit card network purchase volume since the end of the Great Recession has registered a significant increase. 

While you might think that Visa has a chance to turn its well-known brand into a successful lending platform, the company’s management team  Wisely Avoiding Becoming a Lender has been done. During periods of contraction, loan defaults, and charge-offs increase, requiring lenders to set aside capital to cover losses. Since Visa does not lend  So he need not worry about setting aside money to cover loan losses. This is a major difference that makes it the most popular among financial stocks. Allows you to bounce back from a downturn faster than,

Lastly, investors should be aware that Visa has an exceptionally long development runway, Most global transactions are still conducted using cash, which means there is a multi-decade opportunity for the company to settle and acquire new markets. Continuous double-digit growth with Visa is a very real possibility.


Is the Third Dow Stock That’s Totally Screaming in October semiconductor kingpin Intel (INTC 2.71%) the year 2020 After hitting an all-time high during the start of the Intel-linked stocks are 62%!

To echo a similar theme, Wall Street has been intrigued by Intel’s cyclical ties. As interest rates rise and spending shrinks for high-growth companies, there are concerns that Intel could see chip demand-linked declines. boot to Competitors Advanced Micro Devices  The central processing unit (CPU) market share for personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices is eroding Intel’s associated market share.

While the Intel turnaround will be a multi-year process, many catalysts suggest that the company’s upside potential far outweighs its downside risk at this point.

The demand for semiconductor solutions continues to grow on a macro basis. In addition to Intel’s traditional bread-and-butter PC segment, data center-related demand should increase as businesses move their data online and into the cloud at an accelerated pace due to the pandemic. As other aspects of our lives become more technology-dependent, such as our cars and home appliances, more opportunities arise for semiconductor specialists.

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