16 criminals arrested from 7 states in Bhopal, money sent from cryptocurrency to China-Dubai. China Loan App Fraud Transactions; Criminals arrested from 7 states in Bhopal


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Bhopal cyber crime has busted the extortion gang by providing loan from instant loan app. The police have arrested 16 fraudsters from 7 states. Gang provides short-term loans through the app. During this, the contact list is accessed on the client’s mobile. In case of non-payment of loans, gangs defame them by calling these numbers and sending obscene messages. Calls relatives and threatens to recover. It has been found in the investigation that the gang has transacted around 200 crores in cryptocurrency. Their lines connect to China, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai.

DCP Crime Branch Amit Kumar said that Cyber ​​​​Crime Bhopal received complaints about the instant loan app. In this, double money is collected in the name of loan repayment by blackmailing the complainant using the complainant’s mobile data through calls and messaging on WhatsApp if the complainant is unable to repay the loan on time. People on the complainant’s contact list were harassed by calling and messaging on WhatsApp. On the complaints, the SIT team was formed by the police. The team has arrested 16 accused. Of these, 5 are from Rajasthan, 1 from Gujarat, 1 from Karnataka, 4 from Haryana, 1 from Uttar Pradesh, 1 from Maharashtra and 3 from Madhya Pradesh, while the search is on for foreign fraudsters.

Blackmailers arrested

The police have also caught the app developer. He makes apps for cheating. Gangs transfer the fraudulent amount by opening a fake bank account. 11 such persons have been arrested. Four computer operators have also been arrested for abusing the complaints and threatening to make obscene videos and images viral.

DCP Amit Kumar revealed the entire case in the press conference.

DCP Amit Kumar revealed the entire case in the press conference.

Caught like this: Searched 1 thousand cryptocurrency wallet

The DCP said the cyber crime branch was analyzing the cryptocurrency on the basis of blockchain. An analysis of over 1000 cryptocurrency wallet addresses identified 56 suspicious wallet addresses. Which were found operating from different countries. After this, the information about the person using the wallet was collected. In this, the user was identified on the basis of a wallet address. The accused was arrested. According to the information received in the investigation, details of cryptocurrency and bank transactions of around 200 crores were found. At his instigation, other members of the gang were arrested.

Bank accounts operating outside India

Police investigation revealed that the fraudsters used to deposit money through the UPI payment app by blackmailing the complainants. The cyber crime team got the information from the UPI payment app. It was found that money is received from savings, current, business bank accounts and payment gateways. When the cyber crime team arrested these bank account holders, it was found that the bank accounts have been sold on the Telegram app to Chinese nationals. Against this backdrop, the cybercrime team investigated more than 100 bank accounts. Most of it was found to be spent outside the Indian border in Dubai and China.

This money was converted from Indian rupees to cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency was sent to cryptocurrency wallets in China and other countries. Examination of accused’s data related to the loan app running on Telegram app revealed that the registered mobile number was sent to Bangalore and Delhi to access the bank account. After that, a mobile app (.apk file) was used to run that mobile number in China. This app is made by Chinese citizens so that the data from the Indian mobile number can be used easily. More information about the app will be obtained through forensics.

Blocked the app by writing a letter to Google

The team of Cyber ​​​​​​Crime Branch Bhopal found that the app is on Google Play Store. Once downloaded, the user’s data goes to the criminals. Blackmail by using it wrongly. The team wrote a letter to Google to remove such apps from the Google Play Store. In this way, cybercriminals blocked more than 10 fake loan apps.

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